Southern California Record: Grocers’ association sues Long Beach over city council imposed COVID pay increase, argues raise will increase food prices

When the California Grocers Association (CGA) president was informed that the city council of Long Beach had tentatively approved an ordinance requiring larger grocery stores to temporarily pay their workers hero pay, he was disappointed.

“We were surprised that the city council would not talk to us to learn about what we’ve already done before they Institute this unprecedented raise,” CGA president Ron Fong said.

Hero pay is a temporary boost in pay provided to employees who have worked on the front lines since the coronavirus emerged as a health hazard in March 2020.

“We have done so many things for our employees to recognize them already and some of it includes supplying them with all of the PPEs that they could possibly need for free,” Fong told the Southern California Record. “We pay for daily temperature checks to keep our workplace safe, partitions at registers, hand washing stations and we have intermittently given hazard pay bonuses, gas cards, and food cards throughout the year.”

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