Long Beach Post News: With its pending legal battle over ‘Hero Pay’ for grocery workers, Long Beach becomes litmus test for other cities

Long Beach last week became the first the city in the state to mandate an extra $4 per hour in “Hero Pay” for grocery workers who are on the front line in COVID-19 pandemic.– ADVERTISEMENT –

It was also the first city to be quickly sued by the California Grocers Association.

Now, as the city faces a pending legal battle, it has become a litmus test for other cities and municipalities like Santa Monica, Los Angeles and the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, which are all considering similar local laws but have yet to go as far as Long Beach.

“There are other cities looking at ‘Hero Pay’ but Long Beach as far as I know is the first to pass an ordinance,” said City Attorney Charles Parkin on Monday.

Parkin said the city anticipated legal challenges, but its City Council, which unanimously passed the ordinance last week, has indicated that it wants to push forward.

Mayor Robert Garcia signed the ordinance into local law on Wednesday.

The ordinance applies to large chain grocery stores with 300 or more workers nationally and with 15 employees per store within the city. It would last at least 120 days.

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